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Year-by-Year Review

Each student is unique, and it's important to get started as early as you can to maximize your admissions possibilities. Ivy Options provides admissions consulting and advisory services tailored to each student's background, strengths, and ambitions through each year and each step leading up to the application process.

Freshmen (Grade 9/Year 10) 

Four years before University

  •  Freshmen make key choices that lead to getting an early edge on the competition. Beginning at this point in their high school career gives a head start for students seeking admission to elite and highly selective universities.   

  • Detail crucial information about the college admissions process & timeline

  • Advise on courses, study habits, extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities

  • Encourage summer activity exploration — multi-year summer planning

  • Counsel on standardized testing, referrals to tutors

  • Guide in developing distinct profiles — accentuating extracurricular interests and broadening horizons    


Sophomores (Grade 10/Year 11)

Three years before University

  • Sophomores need to hone their academic curriculum and focus their extracurricular activities.

  • Beginning at this point in their high school career gives a head start for students seeking admission to highly selective and selective universities

  • Review critical aspects of the college admissions process

  • Advise on academic programs — both within the context of the high school as well as outside academic & college programs

  • Guide students to consider "Talented youth" and summer college program

  • Testing advisement: PSAT, SAT, SAT II, PLAN, ACT, AP

  • Provide referrals to tutors for academics and standardized testing

  • Recommend college and university visitations, honing in on potential “good-fit” universities

  • Help students to develop a distinct profile — accentuating extracurricular interests, increasing responsibilities & broadening horizons


Juniors (Grade 11/Year 12)

Two years before University

  • Juniors must prepare for standardized testing, begin writing essays, and define their list of target universities.

  • This is the most critical year for academic performance, when testing and other key preparations take place.

  • Provide motivation and direction for course selections

  • Strategic planning for boosting academic & extracurricular profile throughout the last two years of high school

  • Referrals to tutors for academics and standardized testing

  • Selection of initial 10-20 “good-fit” universities based on abilities, interests and goals

  • Campus visit preparation to refine college list

  • Standardized testing schedule & strategies

  • Guidance on obtaining stand-out letters of recommendation

  • Summer activities addressed

  • Between the end of the student's junior year and the beginning of the senior year, focus on identifying essay topics and helping students to find their own voice and to craft essays that are uniquely their own


Seniors (Grade 12/Year 13)

One year before University

  • Seniors complete the applications process, including personal statements, letters of recommendation, and essays

  • The senior year in high school is when university applications are submitted. Ivy Options can help students through the entire process.

  • Polishing of Personal Statements and Essays, ensuring consistency of theme and content, correct grammar and punctuation, and ensuring that the student's unique attributes shine through

  • Final college/university list

  • Emphasis on application process — strategy, setting deadlines & getting things done

  • Decisions Options & Strategies utilized: EA, ED, SCEA, Priority, Rolling & Regular

  • Finalizing letters of recommendation

  • Nuanced positioning based on credentials

  • Interview preparation, including conducting mock interview sessions with constructive critiques on interview performance

  • Financial considerations

  • Evaluating final admissions options

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