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Ivy Options serves clients around the world from our offices in Dubai and London. Our personalized approach ensures that students are carefully matched with a dedicated counselor based upon their work style, course of study, interests, and university aspirations.

We then develop a customized profile and admissions plan for each individual, keeping students on track and parents apprised of their child’s task list, progress, and key decisions. It is never too late to improve the odds for success, but the longer we work with a student, the more we can help strengthen his or her profile.

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Our students' distinct profiles lead to coveted acceptances at their top choice universities around the world.


Each student is unique, and it's important to begin profile development early in order to maximize admissions possibilities. Ivy Options provides one-to-one counseling tailored to the student's background, strengths, and ambitions. During successive academic years, counselors are in regular contact to help students layer building blocks, adding depth to their profiles in order to support the application process.


We offer packages to students of different age groups starting as early as 8th Grade/Year 9. Our packages for younger students are based on the number of counseling hours requested. For older students, our packages are based on the number of universities to which students apply, regardless of whether they apply to one or more country systems.

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Grade 8/Year 9 & Grade 9/Year 10

This is an important time for students to begin exploring their academic and possible career interests. We help students gain an early understanding of career pathways and engage in goal setting so they can plan their high school coursework and extracurricular activities to meet the requirements for competitive university admissions.

  • College admissions overview

  • GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate, American High School Diploma, and AP course selection

  • Guidance on extracurricular activities, community service, and leadership goals

  • Summer planning and support for online and residential course applications

  • Standardized testing advisement

  • Organization and time management strategies

Grade 10/Year 11

We help students take a proactive approach to the college admissions process by identifying their unique ‘stories’ and maximizing their activities for the application process.

  • College admissions overview and timeline

  • Resume creation and profile development

  • Strong Interest Inventory – a personality and career assessment

  • Advising on academic courses, extracurricular activities, leadership and volunteer opportunities, with an emphasis on internships, personal projects, and research 

  • Bespoke Ivy Options admissions planner

  • Standardized testing guidance and tutoring

  • Individualized time management strategies

  • Summer planning and advice on competitions, awards, and selective summer programs

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Grade 11/Year 12 & Grade 12/Year 13

We help students excel in the admissions process through a comprehensive and strategic approach to applying to universities in all major country systems.

  • Development of a university list and assistance with applications to universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

  • Support with ideating and developing a unique personal statement for universities in the US, UK, Canada, Europe or other countries

  • Guidance on writing and editing supplemental essays 

  • Bespoke Ivy Options admissions planner and time management tools

  • Coaching for admissions officer interaction and interviews

  • Advisement on potential university majors, “best-fit” programs, and possible careers

  • Standardized testing strategies

  • Advisement on research, personal projects, portfolios, and internship opportunities to help deepen a student's story

  • Summer planning and advice on competitions, awards, and selective summer programs

Undergraduate Univsity Admissions
Test Prep

SAT • ACT • AP Subjects • IB Subjects

Students are given individualized guidance to help them achieve the best results by improving their core knowledge and test-taking strategies. 


Our tutors are all native English speakers with master’s degrees and years of teaching experience. To prepare for the SAT or ACT, we work with students individually and in groups to enhance their performance on the exam best suited to their strengths through:

  • Access to a combination of in-person classes and online materials

  • Access to experienced tutors in mathematics, English, and science subjects

  • Diagnostic tests on Saturdays 

We can also help students achieve their best results at school through one-to-one tutoring in a wide variety of subjects. Please contact for more information.

Specialized Services

We highlight students’ distinct ambitions and skills by offering specialized guidance for Oxbridge applicants and medical and dental students. Through our creative expertise and Portfolio Packages, we showcase the work of students submitting art, architecture, design, and STEM maker portfolios.

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  • Residential College fit and selection strategy

  • Extended interview preparation

  • Entrance exam preparation strategy

  • 'My Cambridge Application' brainstorming and editing

Oxbridge Applications

Medicine & Dentistry Applications
  • Work experience and resume development advice

  • Brainstorming and editing for personal statement and any additional essays

  • Guidance on entrance exam preparation (UCAT, BMAT)

  • Course and university selection strategy for UK and other direct-entry programs

  • Research on available places and target scores at each university

  • Interview preparation

Athlete Applications
  • Guidance on completing athletic interest forms and registering for NCAA eligibility

  • Brainstorming and editing quarterly updates to coaches

  • Support on assessing offers and final university selection

Art, Architecture, Design, and STEM Maker Portfolio Development

We advise on all aspects of art, architecture, design, fashion, film & photography, performing arts, and engineering (maker) portfolios.​

  • Research and advice on specialist university programs with in-depth analysis of the specific requirements for each university

  • Critique of student work to ascertain missing elements or areas for development given each portfolio’s requirements

  • Ideation and suggestions for special projects that are often required in admissions portfolios

  • Advice on pieces to include and the best presentation layout for digital and print portfolios

  • Development of any required artist's or maker’s statement of intent

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Career Counseling

Through a combination of personality tests, coaching sessions, and workshops, we help students identify and explore major and career choices based on their passions, interests, and strengths.

Career and Major Interest Identification and Exploration

  • Our career counselors are certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory assessment – the industry's leading tool developed by the Myers-Briggs Company

  • After completing the assessment, students and parents receive a personalized sixty-minute debriefing session to discuss the results and next steps 

  • Based on the Ikigai approach, our ‘Finding Your Purpose and Passion’ workshop helps students further explore their specific and interdisciplinary interests

  • We encourage students to test career options through internships, work experiences, community service, research, and personal projects

  • We prepare students for internship interviews and offer guidance on how to conduct informational interviews with industry professionals

Lumiere Education Research Collaboration

  • Ivy Options and Lumiere Education have partnered to offer students research experience with outstanding university mentors through our bespoke Mentored Project programs

  • Students conduct university-level research in areas of deep personal interest under the supervision of experienced Ph.D. students

  • Students who excel in their projects will have the opportunity to pursue publication, secure recommendation letters, and submit their research abstracts with their university applications

Graduate & Transfer
Happy Student

We help undergraduate transfer applicants and aspiring graduate students identify and apply to the programs best suited to their preferences and ambitions.

  • Development of a balanced program list

  • Customized application strategies and timelines to maximize opportunities

  • Expertise in graduate and undergraduate programs worldwide

Boarding Scool

For students moving to another country, we offer advice on the best secondary school or curricula to make the transition easier. We also help students apply to college preparatory boarding schools through a personalized strategy resulting in standout applications.

  • Development of a target list and application timeline

  • Test preparation for the SSAT or other entrance examinations

  • Guidance on selection of classes and extracurricular activities

  • Essay support and interview preparation

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I didn't use an admissions specialist to get into a top university. Why does my son or daughter need Ivy Options?

University admissions are becoming increasingly competitive. The number of applicants per school is rising as students apply to more universities in the hope of gaining admission to a top school. Many leading universities now boast admissions rates under 10 percent. Furthermore, applications are now more complicated. More supplemental essays are required by individual universities and are weighed heavily in admissions; good grades are not enough. Moreover, for students who lack spectacular grades, it is important to identify best-fit universities that offer excellent educational opportunities and job prospects. In every case, knowing how to craft one’s story in a compelling way will maximize a student’s chances of admission.


What differentiates Ivy Options from other admissions consulting companies?

Most admissions consulting firms are made up of advisors that have neither attended an elite American university nor worked in admissions at the university level. Our advisors are experienced admissions experts and give both students and parents highly individualized attention through the entire process – from navigating freshman year to choosing from among their university offers. Moreover, we help students define their unique voice and highlight their story in a way that separates them from the competition.


Will I receive an honest assessment of my top-choice admissions prospects?

Absolutely. While we can – and do – increase our clients' chances of gaining admission to their top-choice schools, we do not pretend to be able to get any applicant into any program. We will not encourage a client to apply to a college or university for which he or she has no reasonable chance of success. We will always advise clients on specific strategies to make themselves stronger candidates for competitive admissions.


I don't want my essay to look like it was professionally edited. Will it still look like my own work?

Yes. We are experts in helping students find and tell their stories in the most compelling and effective way. We don't write the essays or fit applications into a mold. Instead, we ideate with students to develop topics and guide them through multiple drafts until essays are polished and distinctive, conveying the student’s unique voice.


Are your services provided face-to-face or only over the internet?

Our services are provided face-to-face if you are able to attend on-site in Dubai, UAE or in London, UK. However, we extend our services online to those students who live abroad and wish to benefit from our counsel.


When should I start? Is there a best year to begin or by a certain grade?

Ideally, students should begin by tenth grade; however, we can start planning your strategy as early as 8th or 9th grade. We schedule an initial consultation and make specific follow-up recommendations for course selection, extracurricular activities, and ways of optimizing the student's interests and talents. We then hold follow-up meetings throughout each academic year to monitor the student's progress. Our degree of involvement varies based upon individual student needs.

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